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山内亮典ードイツの部屋ー アートで渡独中の山内氏から届くドイツ情報です(月1回更新予定)

先日ゴールデンウィークを利用して、両親がドイツに来たのでローテンブルクという街で会ってきました。ドイツに来て観光地に観光しに行ったのは初めてだったので想像以上に楽しめました。両親に会うのも一年ぶりだったので色々と話すことが出来ました。 都会の観光地とは違い 、街の外は畑が広がっていて、町中は坂が多く結構な斜面に古い建物が建っています。街 自体は小さいので一日滞在すれば充分だと思います。写真はその時撮ったものです。



Hellow! I'm Yamauchi.
For Golden Week, parents
came to Germany the
other day from Japan.
I met in Rothenburg.
Because this was the
first time, I was able to
enjoy that I came to
Germany and went to
the sightseeing spot more
than expected.
I was able to talk about
meeting parents in various
ways after an interval of
one year.
Unlike an urban sightseeing
spot, a field spreads out
outside the town.
A lot of slopes in the town,
old buildings are built on
considerably slope.
Because it is small, the town
thinks that it is enough if
I stay all day long.
I took the photograph then.

Last month, I receive com-
munition from a Japanese
friend and will exhibition
the work in Greece.
I send work data and in
the Greek staff makes
prints and displays it in
a town.
【Exhibiting works, you can
look at this link line.】

In the end of May, I am
going to participate in a
group exhibition in Karlsruhe,
do the preparations and
production now.

At the end of April, I met
new professor, Mr.Marcel.
Because he was a Netherlands
native place, the difference in
device of the school and new
German seemed to be serious.
I said that a difference and a
difference, he was surprised at
the discussion whether we
said a so negative thing.
It does not seem to be the
artist of a type digging into
one's theme like a former
professor slowly and carefully.
It will be what kind of one or
pleasure that I can talk about
in future.
Because a generation is near
oneself, I seem to come under
different influences.

See you next!


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