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ピナコテーク(Alte Pinakothek/アルテ・ピナコテーク、旧絵画館/ドイツ・バイエルン州ミュンヘンの国立美術館:サイトは独英)という美術館があり、古典・近代・現代と建物が分けられていて、所蔵作品が中心の展示でした。ゴッホのひまわりなど目玉作品を中心に時代や傾向を整理して展示しているため西洋美術史の教科書を体験するように鑑賞出来る、面白い美術館でした。


Hello, I'm Yamauchi.
I looked around some art museum
of Munich the other day.
It is a great city following Berlin.
Rather than a town witty in motley such as Berlin, It was a refined town calmly probably because it was a great city from old days.

In Pinakothek Museum(web:DE,EN)
【Alte Pinakothek/ State of old
picture building / National Gallery
Germany Bayern Munich】exhibit
was divided in a form called a
classic, modern times, the present
age in a building, and a possession
work was leading exhibit.
Because it arranged the times and a
tendency mainly on the featured work
including "The sunflower" of Gogh and
exhibited it, I could appreciate it to
experience a textbook of the Western
history of art and was an interesting
art museum.
The impressive exhibition was exhibit in
Kunsthalle, of the artist from former
East Germany ,Otto Dix and
Max Beckmann.
Originally we are watching their works
well in the German art museum.
It is writers to see by all means when
we watch a German art works in
chronological order.
Because they who are of the same
generation experience two World War,
a motif and a color include a change
every time.
Because the put turn of eventss,
picture of two artists and an episode
to lead to the change of the motif
are explained carefully,know a artist
and the relations in the times well ;
was exhibited.
Not display to emphasize misery of the war.
It was the exhibition that
understanding deepened
by showing the thought of two
artists individual, the influence
of the live times with a work.
It was the town which could watch
various types of art exhibition.
The art museums which understand a
museum-like art museum, a theme of
the exhibit.
As it was the town which was
famous for the October fest,
the beer was delicious.

See you!


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