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山内亮典ードイツの部屋ー アートで渡独中の山内氏から届くドイツ情報です(不定期更新)

今日9月24日はドイツの連邦議会選挙の投票日で、普段の日曜に比べて外を出歩く人が多いです。 近所の小学校には散歩がてらにといった様子で選挙に来る人が多く、重苦しさはなく、どこか日中神社にお参りに行く様な雰囲気があります。
先日友人からメールがきて、そこには写真家のWolfgang Tillmansの声明と共に彼の作品を使用したポスターが添付されていました。 作品に添えられた言葉は、選挙に行かない事は、中立の立場を取る事ではない、とか右派に対する警笛を鳴らす内容です。
この選挙を通して知った彼の作家として取った行動がとても印象深く感じられました。 他にも彼は非営利の展示スペースの運営をしていて、現在選挙のためのポスター作品の展示しています。 そういった、その時の社会情勢と連動した活動は過去の彼の作品からは想像出来ないものでした。 作品のテーマやモチーフに「政治」が直接関係した作家ではなく、写真家である彼がここまで大きな転換をし、ポスターともアクションとも 写真作品ともいえる創作活動に従事していることは、「作家の」表現というものをあらためて考えるきっかけになりました。


It's been a long time!
Today September 24th is the voting
day of the German parliamentary
election, there are many people
who go outside outside compared
to ordinary Sunday.
In neighborhood elementary school,
there are many people who come
to the election for walks, there is
not much burden, there is an
atmosphere going to visit the shrine.
The other day a friend sent me a
poster along with a photographer 's
statement by Wolfgang Tillmans as
an attachment.
The words attached to the work
were contents to ring a warning
against the right wing, such as
"not going to the election is not
to take a neutral position".
The behavior he took as a
photographer felt impressive to me.

He operates the exhibition space
with non-profit, and currently
displays poster works for the election.
The activities linked with social
circumstances were impossible to
imagine from his work in the past.
I do not directly relate "politics" to
the theme and motif of the work,
that he is a photographer, he has
made a big change so far, and both
the poster and the action are doing
creative activities that can also be
called photographic works. It gave
me a chance to think about as a artist
expressions again.
Through this election, I knew the
diverse activities of artists performed
in everyday life and at the same time
I thought the framework of what is
called production or work was
uncertain and rich in possibilities.
Tillmans posters can be viewed an
downloaded from the following
website, so if you are interested, please.

Then, see you again!


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